We offer detailed user manual, video instruction and on line training by Skype or other chatting tool, to insure the clients can operate the machine right.


Normally, our machine has very low repair rate. But once the problem happens, please inform our after service department first. Exact description ( words, pictures or video)
about the problem is needed. Then the experienced engineer will judge where the problem is quickly and offer solutions in 24 hours. During warranty, new spare parts will be sent to customers for replacement if any part has problem.We offer free technology support for the whole life of the machine.


If necessary, our service team will fly to your city, offer door to door service.

4 thoughts on “After-Sale-Service

  1. Hi i represent Bold Medical Timisoara-Romania, our contact in your company is Cherry and we have a small problem. We have acquired from your company an laser Nd:YAG Laser (Saser-S) and after 6 month of use is not working anymore. The problem is when we want to start working after, presing ready button is making 3 beep like noise, and work buton become ready. During the beeping ready button is green and reads Work. This is happening without pressing the pedal. If I press the pedal ready button have no effect
    I have verified the pedal and is working fine (the swich is closing the circuit).
    Please help us .

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