IPL+E-ligh+OPT System (ST-K) 

1. Hair Removal: Undesired hair inunderarm, hairline, limb, bikini areas etc.
2. Skin Rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore,acne etc.
3. Speckle Removal: freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark etc.
4. Vascular Removal: spider veins, bottle nose,red blood streaks etc.


1. USA-imported Xenon lamp for handles,real sapphire handle.
2. Two superior handles: SHR handle 640nm-950nm; IPL&E-lighthandle with 5 standard filters.
3. IPL&E-lighthandle filters:430/480nm/530nm/560nm/640nm-1200nm.
4. Three working systems: SHR working system, IPL working system, and E-light working system. RF and Nd: Yag Laser system for option.
5. Machine auto-checking to ensure machine safety.
6. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature, stop all working immediately in case of any risk at the first time, offering the best protection for both the machine and users.
7. High quality CPC connector for easy installation & operation,no water leak,safety assured.
8. User friendly software for simple or professional operation.


SHR  Wavelength  640-950nm
 Energy  5-35J/cm2
 Frequency  1-10Hz
IPL & Elight  Wavelength  430/480/530/560/640-1200nm
 IPL Energy 10-50J/cm2
 RF Energy 1-50J/cm2
 Pulse number  1-3
 Pulse width 0.1~9.9ms
 Pulse delay  5~60ms
Spot Size  10*50mm for SHR /15*50mm for IPL&Elight
Lamp   Imported lamp
Contact Cooling Temperature   MAX-10
Cooling System   Built in water cooling +Semi Conductor cooling +air cooling
Input Power   3000w

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