True Love II

True Love II

SHR1 Application:
Hair removal        Skin Rejuvenation     Wrinkle Removal
Pore Removal         Skin Tightening           Scar Removal
Acne Treatment     Skin Whitening                 Face Lift
Blood Vessels Removal     etc.

1. medical CE (TUV Germany) and FDA approved (510K number: K101901)

2. 3 cooling systems: air cooling, water cooling and semiconductor cooling. More than 12 hours continuously working time.

3. Overheating protection system: the water temperature will rise as long continuous working, the machine will stop work automatically when the temperature over 55℃, to protect the safe of the machine.

4. 3 adjustable programs. Each program comes with a submenu for different skin types.

5. Water Self-locking handle with big spot size 16*57mm

6. 3 Changeable treatment handles (HR,SR,VR)for varying symptoms

7. big LCD color screen, 6 languages interface



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