Diode Laser

808nm Diode Laser — Galaxy II

808 Application:
Permanent Hair Removal                                       .


1.The Diode laser is imported from Germany Dilas,hight quality;

2.The modular design for the internal structure,make the after-sale service much easier and lower cost;

3.The self-checking and self-protection system for water circle,circuit,temperature etc;

4.The super strong cooling and radiator system,make the treatment painless,safe and comfortable;what’s more,make the continuous working time up to 8 hours;

5.Intelligent design,simple even for the new operators.

6.The most advanced refrigeration technology,the temperature can be -4 °C within in 30 seconds.The effect is more 1.8 times than the same products in the market.


Light Source Diode laser
Wavelength 808nm/755nm/1064nm
Power 1600w
Output Energy 1-90J/cm²
Pulse width 10-400ms adjustable
   Pulse frequency 1-20Hz
Spot size 12*15 mm
   Cooling system Thermal electric cooling + water cooling+ Air cooling+sapphire contact cooling for laser head
  Crystal temperature 0-4℃
LCD screen 8.0 inch 24 color multi color touch screen
Power requirement AC220V±10%、50Hz, AC110V±10%、60Hz
Laser water temperature 30℃
Net Weight 60kg