portable nd yag laser






Application :

Tattoo removal

Pigment removal

Skin rejuvenation



1.Changeable heads with 1320nm&1064nm&532nm.
2. Diameter of output spot is adjustable. Doctor can get different spot size to ensure consistency between effect and target area.

3.Evenly distributed energy make the treatment result much better, safer and less pain.

4. Peak power of output pulse laser can reach to 100 MW. The pigment can be broken up much more thoroughIn addition, the skin injury and pain are much less.

5.The double big bar size with φ5 and φ6.

6.Red aiming beam makes operation easier and more accurate .




Light Source ND: YAG solid Laser
Wavelength 1320nm,1064nm,532nm
Frequency/Pulse width 1—5Hz adjustable/10nm
Spot size 2—6mm adjustabl
Energy Power output 600v-1000v
Cooling System Water cooling+Air cooling
Input Power AC230V,50Hz/AC120V,60Hz
Fuse T10A,250V
Input Power 1600w
Gross Weight 35KG


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